Andrei Olarasu

I love solving complex problems. So far, throughout my career, I've solved many problems while having both technical and non-technical roles.

My current focus is product management. I like to transform customer needs and desired business outcomes into wonderful products by using data and insights and collaborating with peers, ultimately delivering value to customers. I do my best to understand the bigger picture and to bring stakeholders on the same page about the problems we're trying to solve.


Due to my previous technical roles, I can easily communicate with developers (e.g. discussing requirements, feasibiliy etc.) when building complex products.


I have a strong work ethic and drive to make a positive impact in the world. I am a former AIESECer, and my formal education cosists of a BA in Business Information Systems and a MSc in Digital Technology and Management. 


I still code when I can make my life/job easier through it.

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If you think we can collaborate, feel free to reach out.